Volume 9 consists of Chapters 35-38.


Chapter 35 - The Path to Being a Lady (Part 1)Edit

Four of Japan's hottest guys have been trying to turn the gothic Sunako into a lady for months now. So far they've managed to keep Sunako's dark secret from her auntie the landlady. That is, until the landlady shows up unannounced and finds Sunako enjoying a slasher flick in the darkest recesses of her room. Sunako's secret is out, and according to her aunt, there's only one way to turn her into a lady: send Sunako Nakahara and Kyohei Takano away on a little romantic getaway. Their accommodations for the evening consist of a vibrating bed, two-way mirrors, and a security guard who's blocking the only exit. Can Sunako survive a night alone with a creature of the light?

Chapter 36 - The Path to Being a Lady (Part 2)Edit

Chapter 37 - The Prince in Sheep's ClothingEdit

Chapter 38 - Going Home to Face a TyphoonEdit

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