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This is Volume 6 from The Wallflower Manga series.

Plot Edit

How did four of Japan’s hottest guys end up living in the same magnificent mansion? The shocking revelations continue! And whatever happened to the idea of giving Sunako a major makeover? If the foursome wants to remain in their luxurious surroundings, they need to follow through on the original agreement. Sunako’s aunt will no doubt threaten to kick them out (again!) if they fail to transform Sunako from a dark loner into a beautiful young lady. This volume also features “Yuki Versus the Abominable Snow Woman,” an ill-fated visit to a haunted school, and the terror of the track meet!

Chapters Edit

Chapter 23 - Oh, My Sweet Home! (Part Two) Edit

Oba-chan went home late as she 'picked up something', and that 'something' was actually Takano Kyohei. At first, Ranmaru and Yuki are amazed at his pretty face and nice voice. But it turns out he has an awful personality, shown when his former employer came and Kyohei kicked him and threw him out with the words 'Don't ever show your face'. The three then back-stab him, while Kyohei remembers his past. After a couple of days

Chapter 24 - A Childhood Friend, I Wish You Eternal Happiness! Edit

Chapter 25 - You're Prettier Than A Rose Edit

Chapter 26 - A Rowdy Swimming Competition! Edit

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