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The volume 5 of The Wallflower Manga series. The volume consists of chapters 19, 20, 21, and 22.

Plot Edit

Sunako Nakahara is an individualistic horror-loving loner, and light is her natural enemy. However, she has been forced by her aunt to live with 4 very handsome boys. The worst part is that her aunt left a note for the boys, saying 'If you can turn Sunako into a lady, the rent will be free!'. Even though she is living with them, she prefers to stay in her room, with her mannequins, skulls, and other 'friends'. Please, could you stop bothering me? ~~

Chapters Edit

Chapter 19 - Special: Little Red Riding Sunako / I'm Not Scared Of Any Love Rivals! Edit

A special story joining Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Snow White using the characters of The Wallflower. On the real story, the Goth-Loli Sisters appear as the four boys started appearing in Sunako's class with various reasons. The Goth-Loli Sisters then pleaded for Sunako 'not to steal them away'. But Sunako tilted her head and was forced to bring gifts by various fan girls. They then thought that Sunako paid attention to the fan girls and not them, so they attempted to make her suffer a little. But things turned worse for them since the boys helped Sunako instead. So they decided to make her fall from their trap as Noi came to the rescue. Then the Goth-Loli sisters called her 'rotten' as they raised a blade at her. Sunako then frightened their wits until the boys came to stop her and noticed them as they ran.

Chapter 20 - Valentine's Day Battle Edit

The boys struggle to last the day they believe the most hellish days for them as they need superhuman energy to last. But Sunako, which is a chocolate lover, made a weird decision to have the courage to ask the boys to give her some.

Chapter 21 - A Dark, Brown Memory Edit

Sunako Nakahara and her four handsome housemates are enjoying their glamorous lifestyle at her aunt's mansion – until Sunako's father makes a surprise appearance. After learning that Sunako is going out with Kyohei, he flies all the way from Africa to investigate whether Kyohei is worthy of his precious daughter! Sunako vows to keep at least one secret from her prying father: her room full of horror-movie memorabilia. She urges him to leave immediately and peacefully. But will she be able to bid him a fond farewell before Kyohei is worn out by his tests and her blessed haven is discovered?

Chapter 22 - Oh, My Sweet Home! (Part One) Edit

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