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The fourth volume of The Wallflower was originally serialized in Bessatsu Friend in 2001 by Kodansha Comics and later published as a volume by the same company on December 11, 2001. The English version was released on August 21, 2012 by Kodansha USA.

Publisher's summary[]

"Four gorgeous yet determined guys are still struggling to turn their reluctant, homely housemate Sunako into a proper lady. So far, the dreamy quartet have miraculously managed to cover up Sunako's total lack of progress from their landlady, Sunako's aunt, who is eager to see results. She has even set Sunako up on a blind date! If the aunt finds out that Sunako is still clinging to the darkness, their rent is sure to skyrocket. It looks like the only way out is to convince the meddling relative that Sunako already has a boyfriend. But which of the four guys could possibly pull off such a demanding role? This volume of The Wallflower includes special extras after the story!"[1]