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Publisher's summary[]

Sunako ends up in a less-than-glamorous part-time job, donning a panda costume to work as a mascot at an amusement park. Though delicious cake awaits her if she does a good job, she fails miserably. But as luck would have it, she may have a chance to redeem herself when she and the boys of Nakahara Mansion are asked to perform in a Power-Ranger-style stage show. Is the promise of mouth-watering cake enough for Sunako to deliver a thrilling and action-packed performance for the amusement park's attendees?


  • Chapter 136: "Climb the Stairs of Adulthood!"
  • Chapter 137: "Show Time of Sweat and Tears!!"
  • Chapter 138: "Imp Sparkling (Part 1)"
  • Chapter 139: "Imp Sparkling (Part 2)"