This is Volume 32 from The Wallflower Manga series. Volume 32 currently consists of Chapters 128, 129, 130 and 131

Plot Edit

If you turn Sunako-chan into a lady, you'll get free rent for three years. The foursome got fired up by Oba-chan's word, but it's just a big nuisance for Sunako whose natural enemies are the radiant creatures! Sunako's path to the beautiful lady is as far as ever! Sunako went all out for turning Kyohei's body back to normal on the last volume and their relationship got closer.. <3. So it seemed, that just deepened their friendship, and there is no development as always.. Pretty boys expect their relationship to turn from 'friendship' to 'love', but things don't go that easily....?!


Chapter 128 - Darkness Never DieEdit

Chapter 129 - Two of Us ForeverEdit

Chapter 130 - Black Swan Lake Edit

Chapter 131 - The Sky, the Sun and the Earth Edit