These are my plans and projects for this wiki...

Minor Fixes

Pages/Templates that needs to be slightly fixed...

  1. Character Infobox (inlcude more options)
  2. Mine Nakahara

Pages that needs to be created

  1. Sunako's Mother (Mrs.Nakahara)
  2. Live-Action Episodes
  3. Live-Action Actors
  4. Manga Author
  5. Other Manequins
  6. Sunako's old crush
  7. Rin (Ranmaru's child)
  8. Mori High
  9. Mine Nakahara's deceased husband
  10. Kingdom of Grimmel
  11. Prince of Gimmel
  12. Sunako's science teacher


red = not started yet
pink = started
yellow = progressing
blue = nearly finished
green = completed

Project Status
Manga Volumes Templates + Pages PROGRESSING
Manga Chapters (Volume 1) STARTED
Mr.Nakahara STARTED
Songs + Song Templates NOT STARTED
Series Templates NOT STARTED
Anime Episodes Screenshots + Summary NOT STARTED
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