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Hi there, I'm Alytta! I became an administrator on The Wallflower Wiki after adopting the wiki on my former account in May 2020. I first started reading The Wallflower (also known as Perfect Girl Evolution) when only scanlations of it were available. Around that time, I had even created a pairing fanlisting for Kyohei and Sunako on my personal domain. Sunako was, and still is, one of my favorite female protagonists because of her strength and the way she is unapologetically herself even if all she wants to do is hide in a dark room and watch horror flicks.

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  • Update other infoboxes to be portable and standardize template and parameter names.
  • Upload better quality manga chapter and volume images from the official English version (if needed).
  • Go through all chapters and:
    • Move or delete wrongly named pages.
    • Update chapter titles with official English translations.