The Wallflower Wiki

This policy covers instances in which users may be blocked by an administrator. Primarily, The Wallflower Wiki assumes good faith and will not punish users for minor mistakes or isolated infractions.

Reasons for blocking[]

  • Failure to abide by wiki policy.
  • Spamming, vandalizing, trolling, or otherwise disrupting the community.


Vandalism refers to any deliberate changing of existing content to undermine its usefulness for other readers.

Editing vandalism[]

  • Adding false or incorrect information to articles (this includes incorrect categories, unrelated trivia, etc.).
  • Adding personal opinions, which goes against the neutrality standard of the wiki.
  • Inserting obvious nonsense, obscenities or crude humor into pages.
  • Illegitimately blanking pages (i.e., removing all content).
  • Creating unrelated pages, creating articles with little to no content, or creating articles based on personal opinion.

Image vandalism[]

  • Adding false or incorrect information to image pages.
  • Uploading poorly named files.
  • Uploading extremely low quality or low resolution images.
  • Uploading images containing explicit content.
  • Uploading images with no intention of using them (unused images will be deleted by an administrator).
  • Image warring with another user or uploading duplicate images that are not an improvement in quality from the previous version.

Other types of vandalism[]

  • Editing another user's User Page without consent.
  • Changing another user's post on talk pages or blogs.
  • Impersonating another user.
  • Spamming of any kind, including advertising third-party sites even if they are related to the wiki's topic.


Trolling is any deliberate attempt to stir up or provoke one or more users in the community. Although similar to vandalism, trolling differs in that it specifically targets users to inflame or invite conflict.

There are many actions that could be considered trolling, such as:

  • Posting offensive messages or hate speech.
  • Harassing or threatening other users.
  • Posting inflammatory comments around the wiki.

Multiple accounts[]

The Wallflower Wiki allows users to edit on more than one account; however, the additional account(s) cannot be used for sockpuppetry (i.e., circumventing a block, posting vandalism, trolling, creating illusions of support, etc.)

Block durations[]

Only repeated or serious offenses may result in a user being blocked, although the length of time will vary case to case.

Minor offenses[]

A warning will first be sent to the user via their Message Wall. However, a block will be issued if the warning is ignored and the number of occurrences increases or the situation escalates.

The following is a rough estimate of blocking durations for average-level infractions:

  1. First offense: A warning will be posted on the user's Message Wall.
  2. Second offense: The user will be blocked for 24 hours.
  3. Third offense: The user will be blocked for 3 days.
  4. Fourth offense: The user will be blocked for 1 week.
  5. Fifth offense: The user will be blocked for 2 weeks and given a final warning.
  6. Sixth offense: The user will be blocked indefinitely.

Regardless of the length of a block, all users are welcome to appeal their block so they can return to the wiki. Please refer to this section for more information.

Serious offenses[]

With regard to more serious offenders, they may be blocked without warning depending on the situation and reported to Fandom staff for review, which may result in a global block across all of Fandom.

In relation to Fandom policy, please note that all Fandom users must be at least 13 years of age to create an account and engage with the community.

Appealing a block[]

Users who feel they have been unfairly blocked can contact the administrator who approved the block on their Message Wall on The Wallflower Wiki or at Community Central and explain the situation to them.

Users can also post on their own Message Wall on this wiki, which will remain open in the case of minor offenses, and tag the blocking administrator or post a link to the message on the administrator's Message Wall.