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The Wallflower (Japanese: ヤマトナデシコ七変化, Romanization: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, lit. "Perfect Girl Evolution") was written by Tomoko Hayakawa and made its manga debut in 2000. The anime adaptation premiered in 2006, and a live-action drama series was broadcast in 2010.


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The Wallflower manga series consists of 36 volumes and 146 chapters. The story follows protagonist Sunako Nakahara on her journey to becoming a woman at the request of her aunt, Mine Nakahara. Her aunt has tasked four good-looking boys—Kyohei Takano, Takenaga Oda, Ranmaru Morii and Yukinojo Toyama—with turning her niece into an elegant lady, but when the boys meet her, Sunako couldn't be further from the ideal woman. Even without Sunako's love for all things dark and horrific, she seems to have no desire to change and cowers away from the boys whom she calls "creatures of light."


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The anime version of The Wallflower consists of 25 episodes which closely follow the original manga series, with some episodes having been named directly after chapters from the manga. The anime covers Volume 1, Chapter 1 through Volume 11, Chapter 44.

One of the main differences in the anime version is that the Goth-Loli Sisters, who were minor characters in the manga, play a larger role in the anime series, no doubt for comedic purposes.

Live-Action Drama[]

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The live-action drama series of The Wallflower consists of 10 episodes and deviates significantly from the manga in that Kyōhei is the main protagonist rather than Sunako. Both their interactions with one another compared to their manga and anime counterparts are also very different. The drama series also introduced an additional main character that was never mentioned in the original series, Takeru Nakahara, who is the son of Mine Nakahara and is Sunako's younger cousin.