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The Sepia Memories (セピア色の思い出, Sepia-iro no Omoide) is the twenty-first episode of The Wallflower anime.


Sunako's father comes to visit his daughter after he hears a rumor that Kyohei is her lover.


Sunako's father gets a call from Auntie telling him about Sunako and her living conditions. Her father then gets angered due to the fact that during the phone call she mentions that Sunako is living with "dazzling" boys. The father then goes visit when he is intercepted by the Goth-Loli sisters. The goth sisters are doing their usual plotting and chanting. The plan to infiltrate the house in which the boys and Sunako reside in. Then that way they will see if Kyohei is "lovey Dovey" with Sunako. Sunako's dad is enraged and knocks the Goth-Loli sisters off the map.

Just like in the very first episode in the show, Sunako's father hides in the bushes while the boys are drinking tea. Yuki then witnesses rustling in the bushes. He takes a closer look to only be spooked by Sunako's dad. The rest of the boys claim its "Frankenstein" or some other type of monster. Sunako is in a state of shock while she attempts to run away only to be caught and embraced by her father. The father then has a talk with the boys and stares intensely at Kyohei. Ranmaru suspects that the reason as to why Sunako is so annoyed/mad at her father is because she is not a lady yet, but Kyohei ruins the moment. Later, we see how Sunako's father truly is.

Kyohei is taking a shower and blowing bubbles in the tub. We then see the door open, and it is Sunako's father watching from afar. Kyohei is in a state of shock and stands up immediately revealing his whole body. Her father eyes him up and down and says that Kyohei at least has a good physique. Kyohei has a talk with Sunako. Sunako reveals that she does not want nobody to let her father into her room.

Her father wakes up Kyohei to do a ton of exercise outside. The others watch from afar. They sit at the table with Sunako. They talk about how Sunako's father probably heard a rumor. Sunako gets close to Kyohei and her father walks in. Her father gets terribly mad at him and attacks. They then have a showdown with what appears to be wooden sword. Kyohei then wins the battle when her father gets pain from his back. Kyohei takes care of the father. We get a flashback when he's fighting the bear and gets a scar on his back. He tames the bear and makes it domestic. Kyohei starts crying as he heard the whole story. Her father admits his mistakes and is envy of Kyohei for spending so much time with Sunako. Kyohei confronts Sunako about it. Sunako attempts to communicate with him better. Turns out the reason why Sunako does not let her father enter into her room is because he does not like scary and gory things.

Sunako's mother then comes to pick up Kyohei and the boys thinks she's hot as hell. it is shown that her mother is insanely strong and is also supportive of Sunako's interests, so she tells her father not to judge what she likes. Her father makes Kyohei promise that Sunako will be a decent girl as he leaves. Ranmaru won't shut up about the fact that Sunako is probably going to end up looking like her mother. Ranmaru bombards Sunako with questions about the moms' measurements and favorite foods. Sunako ignores him and smiles with Kyohei at a picture of her family outside as the episode comes to an end.

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When you wake up in the morning the first thing you do is drink a cup of mineral water. You must do that before anything else.


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