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Takenaga and Noi's relationship is one of the main relationships focused on in The Wallflower series.

Takenaga and Noi are both in love, but Takenaga didn't want to announce their relationship to the public yet, whether he's afraid or because of his family. But they started going out with each other later in the manga and hinted later in the anime series. Takenaga affectionately calls her "Noi-chi," and can be really easily jealous when he sees her with other guys beside him. This is shown when he saw Noi with Ranmaru in the living room at the mansion, then realizes that the two of them might look better together than him and Noi.

They kissed a couple of times in the manga and kissed once in the anime. Noi and Takenaga both enjoy each other's company and also think a lot about each other, although Noi is usually the one who daydreams about Takenaga. Noi is the most popular girl at Mori High, and Takenaga is considered as one of the most popular boys at school, along with Kyohei, Ranmaru, and Yuki.