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Mr. Nakahara is Sunako's father and the husband of Mrs. Nakahara. He first appears in "Memory in Sepia," chapter 21, volume 5 in the manga and episode 21 of the anime. He is a very tall man, being 194cm (6'4"), and ferocious like his daughter, Sunako, which often scares the people around him. He is Mine Nakahara's older brother.


Mr. Nakahara is tall with a strong physique. When the boys first meet him they mistake him for a mafia boss. In the anime, he wears a gray suit with a black collared shirt and green tie. His hair is slicked back. He also has a large, diagonal scar across on his back that he received when saving Sunako from a bear when she was two years old.


Despite his outward appearance, Mr. Nakahara is a softie, especially when it comes to Sunako. He is also very sensitive, and he takes Sunako's orders to not enter her room to heart, thinking that she finds him to be a nuisance. However, it is revealed later that Sunako has been sparing him from seeing her room because he has a strong fear of horror-related things, and he will faint at the very sight of them.