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This is The Wallflower Wiki's Community Portal where users can learn about active wiki projects and areas on the site that need help. Before jumping in, please read our wiki policy, which addresses general editing standards and guidelines.

For questions or further assistance, please contact an active administrator.

General projects

General projects include areas that any user, regardless of their editing skill, can help out by updating or changing things such as layout, styling, checking spelling/grammar, and so on.

  • Check pages for consistency in terms of layout, naming conventions, page and category linking, and formatting.
  • Polish all character pages by checking spelling/grammar, formatting, and readability.

Intermediate projects

Intermediate projects relate to any medium to large project that will require time to complete because of the project's span.

  • Check for proper categorization on all pages.
  • Create pages for missing chapters, anime episodes, and drama episodes.
  • Upload screenshots from the anime and drama.

Advanced projects

Advanced projects refer to areas that require at least some knowledge of wikitext, HTML/CSS, or other coding language.

  • Create additional content modules for the Main Page.
  • Create license templates for copyrighted media.
  • Create consistent design for navbox templates.
  • Upload non-copyrighted images from the manga (i.e., no translated text).
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