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Pull Down the Iron Curtain! (鉄のカーテンを攻略せよ!, Tetsu no Curtain wo kōryakuseyo!) is the second episode of The Wallflower anime.


Sunako's relationship with the four most popular boys in school does not go unnoticed and the entire student body attempts to find out more about the mysterious new transfer student.


Sunako's first day at her new school is tomorrow and Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki are trying to trim Sunako's hair out of her face, meanwhile Kyohei thinks it's pointless trying to force her if she doesn't want to change. The boys ask her what the reason is for her wanting to hide her face, and Kyohei, fed up with her refusing to answer them, threatens to drop Hiroshi from the window. Only then does Sunako deign to tell them that when she was in middle school, the boy she had a crush on called her ugly. Up until then, she had been a normal girl—worrying about acne, her diet, and looking at her reflection in the mirror every day. After being rejected, she asked herself why she should bother if it never made a difference. In order to not have to compare herself to other girls, she hasn't looked in the mirror since that incident.

Kyohei can't believe that all of this happened just because of one boy, but Sunako yells at him, saying that it only takes one person to make someone feel like she did. After Sunako retreats to her room, the boys ponder over the information they've just learned about Sunako and Kyohei goes off to take a bath in their shared bathroom since the other one that the boys normally use is broken. Lost in thought, Sunako goes to the bathroom to take a bath as well. She doesn't realize, however, that it's already occupied by Kyohei who's in the middle of a shower. Horrified, Kyohei jumps out of the window, all but naked save for a towel.

At school the next morning, a large group of girls are waiting for the boys and Kyohei is showing symptoms of a cold because of last night's escapade. The girls' fawning is interrupted when the Goth-Loli Sisters make their appearance. They already dislike Sunako for walking so closely to the boys and ignoring them, to which Sunako tells them if they want to trade places with her, they can.

Noi, the most popular girl in the school, greets them good morning, causing Sunako to cower from her radiant beauty. As she walks up, the crowd deflates, thinking their chance with the boys is gone now that Noi is there as they don't want to be compared to someone as beautiful as her. Using Noi as a chance for them to escape the crowd of girls, Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki go inside the building and head to class.

Noi introduces herself to Sunako, who immediately gets a nosebleed. Noi asks if she's okay, and Sunako tells her that it happens when she sees beautiful people, causing the other girl to blush. She asks Takenaga if he heard what Sunako said, but Kyohei tells her he's already left. Noi asks him what's with his attitude and the two start bickering. Before long, Kyohei ties up Sunako and drags her to class and away from Noi, who tells Sunako she'll see her later. The Goth-Loli Sisters who had been watching the exchange find it unforgivable that Sunako got tied up by Kyohei, and they vow she will be struck down.

Being the new transfer student, Sunako is introduced to the class by her teacher. The students already find her creepy and comment on the dark aura surrounding her. Sometime later, two students from the newspaper club drop by Sunako's class to get a picture of her. Apparently Sunako is the talk of the school, not only because she's a new transfer student but also because she was walking so closely to the four most handsome boys in school: Kyohei, Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki. Not wanting to have her picture taken, Sunako runs away with the club's members hot on her heels. She's able to catch her breath in the Science Lab, where she can finally be comfortable in the dark and creepy room. She mentions she's grateful she's not in the same class as the Creatures of Light.

The four boys discover the newspaper club has a reward for anyone who's able to get a picture of Sunako's face. Although Ranmaru thinks the commotion will die down soon enough, a group of students can be heard chasing Sunako down in the hallway and students from Kyohei's class join the fray.

Sunako is able to hide in an unused storage room, but the Goth-Loli Sisters are already waiting for her. They taunt Sunako, saying it must be nice to be getting so much attention from the boys in the school. Then, the Ganguro Girls burst into the room, calling Sunako names and accusing her of manipulating people for attention by hiding her face and making herself stand out. To teach her a lesson, two of the girls hold Sunako while one brandishes a pair of scissors so they can cut her fringe. Frightened and confused, Sunako doesn't know why people keep chasing and bothering her when all she's trying to do is hide from everyone.

As the girl goes to cut Sunako's hair, Kyohei shows up, leaving the Ganguro Girls in a state of panic. He walks over to Sunako and throws his jacket over her, holding her protectively in his arms and shocking the other girls who were bullying her. When he looks down at Sunako, their eyes meet for a brief moment until she breaks out in a nosebleed and faints. Pissed off, Kyohei walks menacingly over to the leader of the group who panics, trying to think of an excuse and throws the scissors away on the ground. In her panic, however, she manages to cut Kyohei's face with her nails, which makes the Ganguro Girls even more hysterical. While Kyohei doesn't care and says it's just a scratch, Sunako comes to and kicks the girl who harmed Kyohei. While she's fighting the rest of the girls, Kyohei can't help but stare in awe at her fighting skills.

Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki find them and are shocked to see all the Ganguro Girls knocked out on the floor. Sunako walks over to the scissors that were discarded earlier and cuts her fringe off, revealing her face. She orders the girls who bullied her to apologize to Kyohei. The other three boys are amazed at how commanding Sunako is and Yuki comments that Sunako is incredibly cool, but it isn't long before Sunako falters and ends up getting another nosebleed.

With so much going on, Kyohei's cold has gotten a lot worse, and Takenaga tells Sunako to take him home early seeing as how it's partially her fault he's got a cold in the first place. As they're leaving, the Ganguro Girls ask the boys why Sunako's taking Kyohei home, and they bluntly tell them that Sunako lives together with them, leaving the girls even more shocked than before.

Back at the mansion, Sunako discovers that Kyohei is even more radiant when he's sick. Taking advantage of the situation, Kyohei makes Sunako run around the house, getting food for him and making her do his chores. She's just contemplating choking him to death when Noi shows up with some strawberries for Kyohei since they're his favorite. Hoping that Noi will take Sunako's place instead and deal with Kyohei, she's disappointed when the other girl turns her down.

The two talk in the gardens outside the mansion, with Sunako explaining how she feels around Kyohei. Noi asks Sunako if she actually likes Kyohei, but the other girl bluntly tells her she doesn't. Although Noi doesn't entirely understand everything that Sunako is talking about, she thinks she's an interesting person. She tells Sunako that if the boys are so radiant, she should try not being so gloomy and perk up a little, balancing out their radiant light with her own. Sunako brushes Noi's advice off, saying that she can't really know what it's like when Noi is a Creature of Light, too. She's stunned when Noi gets defensive, revealing to Sunako that she does work really hard to be beautiful just so she could get noticed by Takenaga out of all the other girls in school.

Noi admits that she actually envies Sunako for being able to see Takenaga's face every day. She asks the other girl what Takenaga is like, but Sunako doesn't really know because it's difficult for her to look at any of them because they're so radiant. Sunako asks Noi if she likes Takenaga and the other girl openly admits she does. Before she leaves, she tells Sunako that it's possible for her to change if she just put in the effort.

At dinner with the other boys, minus Kyohei who is still sick in bed, Sunako is still thinking about her conversation with Noi. She says it must be nice to have been born pretty, but Ranmaru interrupts her and says that Noi didn't always look that way. He shows her a picture of how Noi looked in junior high and Sunako is taken aback by how much of a difference there is. The three boys promise to help Sunako however they can on her journey to becoming more ladylike. Unfortunately, Sunako is too much in a state of shock and she leaves the table, muttering to herself the whole time about Noi defying the will of God. After she leaves, Takenaga finds it hard to believe that the picture Ranmaru showed them was actually Noi when it looked like an entirely different person. Ranmaru secretly admits that it is, in fact, a different person.

As she's walking to Kyohei's room to check on him, Sunako declares that there's only two choices for her: defy the will of God like Noi did or melt in the light of the radiant creatures she lives with. In his room, Kyohei tries changing out of his shirt, but fumbles to the point where Sunako snaps and helps him take it off, all the while her heart is beating loudly. They lock eyes with one another, but Kyohei breaks the spell by nearly dozing off and Sunako pushes him off of her, her nose bleeding.

While she's frantic and can't imagine living in a world where she can see Creatures of Light without her fringe and they can see her, Kyohei chuckles and tells her to just be herself before he passes out. In a frenzy, Sunako pulls out a scythe from nowhere and goes to kill Kyohei to save herself from melting by his radiance. The other three boys go to stop her but are sucked into a black hole of darkness while Sunako screams at Kyohei for taking away her own dark youth.

Road to Womanhood[]

Ranmaru, Yuki and Noi explain how to perfect a smile. Noi asks Takenaga what he thinks about her smile and receives a blush in response, with Kyohei complaining in disgust that he can't handle the vibes they're giving off.


  • Sunako: "If I don't look in the mirror, I don't have to compare myself to all those other girls. Once you've learned to look at it that way, it's so much nicer to be alone."
  • Ranmaru: "Only someone ugly would call a girl '[ugly].'"
  • Sunako to the Goth-Loli Sisters: "If you want this spot, it's yours."
  • Sunako about Kyohei and Noi: "It's blinding! He and she Creatures of the Light!"
  • Kyohei when he finds Sunako cornered by the Ganguro Girls: "Am I interrupting something?"
  • Sunako about Kyohei: "This Creature of Light must be a demon!"
  • Noi to Sunako: "Stop living in the darkness and come into the light!"
  • Kyohei to Sunako: "Just be yourself and you'll be fine, idiot."

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