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Oh, My Sweet Dark Youth (ああ, 懐かしの暗い青春, Aa, Natsukashi no Kurai Seishun) is the third episode of The Wallflower anime.


Sunako doesn't think she can survive any longer living with Kyohei and plans to kill him, but her plans get put on hold when he gets kidnapped.


As the boys and Sunako walk to school, Sunako finds herself melting under their radiance—Kyohei's in particular. She vows to kill him, but her plans hit a snag when another host club tries to recruit him.

Later that night, the boys and Sunako are at the dining table when she announces that she'll be making dinner. The boys are jolted out of their conversation when they hear fireworks going off outside. They look to the sky and see Auntie parachuting towards them.

Ranmaru is first to great their landlady, who announces that she's come to see her niece, excited to see the lady she has become. Fortunately for the boys, Sunako is still in the kitchen and Auntie decides she can wait to see her until Sunday at the party she's hosting in her niece's honor. Although she says it's a small affair, the way she describes it has the boys feeling incredibly nervous, especially because they know Sunako is nowhere near to becoming a lady and would stand out like a sore thumb at such a lavish party.

The boys break the news to Sunako that they need her to become an elegant lady by Sunday. They decide to start her off by teaching her how to walk down a staircase elegantly. Sunako nearly gives up, but Takenaga, anticipating this turn of events, shows her his trump card: a horror film filled with gore and all the things Sunako loves.

Road to Womanhood[]

Yuki asks Sunako how she would ask to go to the bathroom. Auntie chimes in that in France they would say, "Où est-ce que je peux me laver les mains?" Sunako stumbles through pronouncing the words while Kyohei voices his doubts that she'll ever go to France.


  • Sunako about Kyohei: "He'll make the most beautiful corpse!"
  • Auntie as she parachutes from the sky with fireworks going off: "I'm home boys!"
  • Kyohei: "Can't you come home in a normal fashion?!"
  • Auntie: "Of course not! Life should be entertaining!"
  • The boys about Auntie: "And as usual she defies comprehension."

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