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Mine Nakahara (中原美音, Nakahara Mine), also known as Auntie and the Landlady, is Sunako's aunt and the landlady of Kyohei, Takenaga, Yuki and Ranmaru, whom she tasks with transforming Sunako into a real lady.


Mine is a tall and beautiful woman with brown hair that is curled at the tips, with bangs swept to the left, purple eyes and a slender figure.


Mine is called the "infamous Marie Antoinette of the East" as she is extremely wealthy and usually travels in an unconventional fashion, such as in a fleet of helicopters. She is rarely around (usually in France with her latest boyfriend or fiancé), and the four boys have managed to convince her that Sunako is on the fast track to becoming a lady when, in reality, it couldn't be further from the truth.

However, Mine has also been known to make unexpected visits, which often leads to the boys putting on an act of some sort with Sunako to make her appear more ladylike and, occasionally, resulting in raised rent when all does not go as planned.


Mine is the younger sister of Sunako's father and, like her niece, very little effort is required on her part to frighten the boys. In the series, her husband had already passed away, and the apparent reason why she dates so many men is because she's lonely, although she's never loved any of them as much as her late husband.

While their interaction is relatively limited, Sunako actually admires her aunt a great deal and considers her the most beautiful woman she knows. Mine, in turn, simply wants Sunako to be happy and believes that helping her niece become a lady will do so, especially since as a child Sunako always wanted to be like her. She gradually turns her focus away from trying to shape Sunako into an elegant lady, believing that Sunako is perfectly capable of acting as such, and attempts to change Kyohei into a suitable partner for her niece instead.


  • The name Mine means "beautiful" (美, mi) and "sound" (音, ne).
  • The surname Nakahara means "middle" (中, naka) and "field, plain" (原, hara).


  • Mine is shown to be fluent in various languages, such as French, Russian and Filipino.