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List of Characters[]

  • Sunako Nakahara - Sunako is the main protagonist of this series. She confessed her love to a guy, prior to the beginning of the Anime/Manga, and was rejected. After that incident, Sunako frequently locks herself away in her room and chooses to live in the darkness. She is fond of gory movies and anatomical dolls.
  • Kyohei Takano - Kyohei is the most popular and attractive among the four guys, but is also the most selfish and demanding. He really enjoys the food that Sunako prepares for them. Because of his good looks, he has often been sexually harassed when at work and elsewhere (by both males and females), making him leave his family. (His mother constantly, and openly, regretted his birth; having gone crazy from the ceaseless ringing of the phone and doorbell.)
  • Takenaga Oda  - Takenaga is the most intelligent among the four. He is usually serious, but is revealed to be shy and thoughtful on more than one occasion. His shyness is evidently due to of the pressure he gets from his parents. (He is also portrayed as somewhat conceded, as shown in a flashback during episode 12 "Oh, my sweet home!".)
  • Ranmaru Mori  - Ranmaru is the only son of a wealthy family, his parents being the owners (and founders) of a hotel chain. Ranmaru is a notorious playboy, always seen hanging around with older, often married, women. He is confident, an expert in love, and girls.
  • Yukinojo "Yuki" Toyama  - Yuki is a gentle and kind boy. He is easily frightened from everything, almost always in Sunako's room. Despite the fear he feels when around her, he cares about her as if he were her brother. So much so, that he defends her when she's called 'ugly'. (As seen in Episode 05 "Feast of the Beautiful Creatures".) He is from an ordinary family, his father being a friend of Sunako's aunt.
  • Noi Kasahara  - Noi is described by Sunako as being one of the "Radiant creatures", her beauty matching that of the boy's. She is Takenaga's girlfriend, and makes many appearances in the Anime. She is also one of Sunako's only female friends.
  • The Landlady  (Mine Nakahara) - The landlady is Sunako's aunt, and is often appearing through frivolously elaborate means. She enjoys speaking different languages and traveling the world. The Landlady does not appear to have a specific name, and has many boyfriends. (Her "true love" died 10 years or so before the events of The Wallflower.)