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Mr. Takano is the husband of Kyohei's mother and the father of Kyohei and his older brother in the manga.


Unlike his extremely beautiful son, he and his wife are average looking with a pale complexion, brown hair. He wears a white long shirt and pants.


Unlike his wife who takes her frustrations out on Kyohei for the fangirls and blames him for her anxiety, her anger issues and how she gets hateful and ugly because of him when extremely angry, he is more understanding and knows it's not Kyohei's fault he was born the way he was or for the fangirls and his old bosses sexual harassment.

He was in a cult one night, and when he saw Sunako and found out she was Kyohei's friend, he kidnaps her as a way to get Kyohei back into their house so he and his mother could talk and make amends so he could come home and start over. But it didn't work as his wife's anger of the past with the fangirls and Kyohei's beauty, that she saw a curse, erupts and wished that Kyohei would disappear and she would finally have peace and Kyohei tells them they will never see him as he believes he will cause them more misery.

While he is terrified of his wife when she is angry, he will stand up to her when she blames Kyohei for her stress and how she is getting uglier from from it and would scold her when she wished he would disappear, as he knew none of the situation was Kyohei's fault and that he never asked to be born inhumanly beautiful.