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Sunako, They're Calling You (スナコ、およびです, Sunako, Oyobi desu) is the sixth chapter of The Wallflower manga and the first chapter of Volume 2.


Mori High is holding a festival where classes are in charge of planning and designing their own event, with the best class winning a 500,000-yen prize. In desperate need of money after losing his job, Kyohei jumps at the chance at getting the prize money. Sunako, surprisingly, is given free reign over her class's event. When Kyohei finds out Sunako won't have to share the prize money if she wins, he gets the other boys to help out.


There is a larger than normal turnout for the Mori High Festival and it's all because of Kyohei, Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki. Sunako is surprised that she's put in charge of the activities for her class, but she doesn't put up much of a fight when she's allowed to do as she pleases.

Meanwhile, Kyohei was recently fired from his job and is looking for any way to earn some cash. So when the others tell him of the half million yen prize for the festival, he helps his class by manning a takoyaki cart. The food stall quickly gains attention and a crowd of flirtatious and swooning girls gather around, as well as a few guys who have nothing but insults for him. When one of them knocks over the food he'd been making, he loses it and ends up breaking the takoyaki cart.

Wanting to escape from everyone and find some peace and quiet, he spots the entrance of a haunted house and goes inside and finds the place deserted—or so he thinks. He freaks out when he spies a ghost-like figure sitting alone, only to realize it's Sunako. When she sees him, she immediately tells him to go away, but he ignores her and curls up on the ground nearby, wanting only to relax without having to worry about being bothered by the crowds outside. In the comfortable and quiet darkness, Kyohei tells her he finally gets why she likes it so much.

The silence is interrupted when a noisy couple waltzes in, looking for a secluded place to make out. One of them is the classmate who put Sunako in charge of the activity, and he tells the girl he's with that he did it because he knew no one would come see their class's contribution if Sunako was in charge. Kyohei is pissed off, but changes his tune when he finds out Sunako had been promised the full prize money if her class wins.


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