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Go Into the Light (光の中へ, Hikari no Naka e) is the fifth chapter of The Wallflower manga and Volume 1.


A surprise visit from Sunako's aunt has the boys scrambling to get Sunako ready for a party so they can enjoy free rent. But the boys discover training Sunako to be a lady—even for just one night—is near impossible when she refuses to change.


The boys are deviously planning on skirting rent again for that month, sure that Auntie won't notice, when the woman herself pays them a surprise visit. Apparently, Ranmaru's lie about Sunako's progress in becoming a lady has come back to bite them as Auntie announces she's throwing a party for her niece.

They manage to bribe Sunako with some highly explicit slasher movies and start teaching her how to properly smile and walk. Sunako becomes exhausted during the boys' strict training and starts losing hope that she'll ever become a lady (and get those slasher flicks she was promised). As she's about to give up, Kyohei barges into her room and announces he will be taking over her training while the others do a bit of training of their own—Takenaga is getting trained by a celebrity hair stylist, Ranmaru by a celebrity makeup artist, and Yuki is focusing on Sunako's wardrobe. However, Sunako stubbornly refuses to go on with training (despite Kyohei's reminder the other boys are trying their best to help her), which makes Kyohei snap and indirectly call her "ugly."

When the other boys return, they all realize Sunako hasn't been answering her door or coming out to eat. Worried, they all rush to her room and nearly mistake her for the skeleton lying on the floor, but the real Sunako is lying curled up in a corner of her room, hallucinating about her deceased grandmother. Takenaga, suspicious about Sunako's worse-than-normal behavior, pinpoints Kyohei as the cause. The boys scold him after discovering what he said to Sunako—specifically, the forbidden word he used.

As punishment, Kyohei is tasked with taking care of Sunako and getting her to eat. They have a bit of a heart to heart, and Kyohei tells her that, even if she was in love with her crush, she shouldn't let his words run her life.

On the night of the party, the boarding house has turned festive in celebration and is filled with Auntie's friends, all awaiting the arrival of her mysterious niece. Kyohei and Noi show up first, followed by Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki. Then, Sunako appears at the top of the grand staircase, dressed in a beautiful kimono and radiating elegance. The boys are relieved all their hard work wasn't in vain as Sunako continues to impress the entire room.

A commotion starts nearby, and Noi is seen being harassed by a man who claims to be a big-time director. Noi is uninterested and tells him so, but the man is pushy and his hold on Noi turns inappropriate. Before anyone else can react, Sunako kicks him, knocking the man down. Suddenly, the room is filled with women accusing other men of harassing them, and Sunako goes to work on them too.

Auntie is in tears, shocked at Sunako's display of violence in front of everyone, and she tries to get the boys to stop her. The boys refuse to try, and Kyohei, who has the best fighting chance, doesn't even want to. With the room in tatters and the party ruined, Auntie tells them they won't be getting free rent for a while. She does reward their efforts with cutting their rent in half, however, which the boys take as a win. They're just thankful their landlady wasn't around to see Sunako revert back to her old self as soon as she started watching the gory videos she'd been promised.


  • Sunako to herself: "'I hate ugly girls.' Since the day the first boy I ever loved said those words to me... I've turned my back on all that is beautiful. [...] It was so fun, but... now... I've started to see the beauty in a rose."
  • Kyohei about Sunako's crush: "Listen up. I don't know how great this guy was, but you can't let one guy ruin your life. He's not... the only guy out there."

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