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The Good Old Dark Days of Youth (ああ、懐かしの暗い青春, Ā, Natsukashi no Kurai Seishun) is the fourth chapter of The Wallflower manga and Volume 1.


With a healthy Kyohei up and about again, Sunako is going mad thinking of ways to kill him before she melts away. However, her plans are put on hold when Kyohei is kidnapped by a shady host club.


While a ravenous and energetic Kyohei catches up on eating all the foods he couldn't eat while he was sick, Sunako sits alone in her dark room brainstorming the best way to get rid of him.

On their way to school, Kyohei gets scouted by the owner of the Heaven host club, but quickly turns him down as he's not interested in having to fake being nice to people, no matter the price.

Later that day back at the boarding house, Ranmaru says he's heard some bad things about that host club. The other boys are relieved that Kyohei turned them down, otherwise he might've been forced to do things against his will. As Sunako serves dinner, a notebook drops out of her pocket that Takenaga reaches to pick up and hand back to her, but Sunako quickly snatches it away. Although he was only able to get a glimpse of it, what he was able to read gives him the shivers. It appears Sunako has been thinking of ways to kill Kyohei. The news doesn't faze Kyohei, who confidently says he can handle her and drags Ranmaru away while Yuki and Takenaga pray for their safety.

That night, Sunako creeps into Kyohei's room as he's sleeping, intent on killing him once and for all. When she pulls back the sheets of his bed, she's surprised to see him up and apparently waiting for her. Taking advantage of Sunako's shock, Kyohei pushes her against the wall and uses the rope she brought (seemingly to strangle him with) and ties her up. Sunako is still frozen in shock when Kyohei leaves the house to go to the convenience store for some food.

A while later, Sunako is wallowing that she wasn't able to kill Kyohei when an arrow carrying a note breaks through one of the windows and wakes up the others. According to the note, Kyohei was kidnapped, apparently by the host club from earlier. To everyone's surprise, Sunako is the first to spring into action and suggest they save him. Little do they know it's only so she can kill him before anyone else does.

They all don disguises to infiltrate the host club (making good use of Auntie's collection of wigs), and they turn heads when they arrive. Sunako gives off the vibe of a cool dominatrix, but Takenaga is concerned that her clothes are a bit too baggy. As they're mingling, the stage lights up, revealing Kyohei as the auction item for the evening. Sunako takes off her outer clothes and stands in a uniform, wielding a chainsaw. She saws through furniture to get to Kyohei and hoists him over her shoulder, but she is soon stopped by security guards. Sunako manages to hold them at bay, and Kyohei gives the owner of the club a well-deserved punch to the face.

The team escapes just as cops roll in to take down the club. While the others catch their breath, Sunako has turned back to being scary and is cackling to herself, happy to have Kyohei back so she can finally murder him. Regardless of her intentions, Kyohei thanks her, which makes her faint.

The next morning, the boys are sitting around the table when Takenaga finds an article about the host club, which was shut down the previous night by the police with the owner and a few employees arrested. Despite not having gotten any sleep like the rest of them, Ranmaru is in high spirits, happy that Sunako is a bit more of a lady now. But when Sunako appears, she is back to her normal, scary self. Ranmaru still tries to give her the roses he picked for her, but when she takes them, the roses wilt and wither in her arms.


  • Sunako about killing Kyohei: "Before I melt and rot away into nothingness under your blinding light... I'll turn you into the most beautiful corpse the world has ever seen."
  • Kyohei to the host club owner: "I hate fake laughter and fake smiling and fake people. I hate them to death!"
  • Sunako about Kyohei: "This creature is one of God's greatest creations. You think I'm gonna let you bastards lay your hands on him?"

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