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The Bright Bright World ♥ (この、めくるめく世界, Kono, Mekurumeku Sekai) is the third chapter of The Wallflower manga and Volume 1.


With her bangs trimmed, Sunako is no longer able to hide from the radiance of her housemates, Kyohei, Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki. Unfortunately, she becomes so lost in her own thoughts that she doesn't hear that the boys will be sharing her bathroom until theirs is fixed, and she ends up in a compromising position.


Unable to hide behind the security of her bangs anymore, Sunako keeps having a recurring dream where she is happily playing with her friends Josephine, Hiroshi, Akira and Jason in the darkness. Suddenly, several twinkling roses float down from above, shining brightly. To Sunako's horror, the glimmering light emanating from the roses causes her friends to melt before her eyes, and she wakes up only to be greeted with the blinding sight of her housemates, making her nose bleed.

At breakfast, Takenaga tells Sunako that the boys' bathtub broke the previous night, so they'll have to share hers until it's fixed. Sunako makes a fuss about her bangs, which she doesn't even remember cutting, and flees the sight of the boys to get ready for school. She ends up borrowing Yuki's beanie in an attempt to shield herself from everyone's eyes.

As she's heading into school alongside the boys, she meets Noi, an incredibly beautiful girl who has a crush on Takenaga. Sunako suggests that Noi trade places with her at the boarding house, but Kyohei vehemently argues against it, especially since Noi seems to have ulterior motives for wanting to live under the same roof as Takenaga. As the two stand bickering, Sunako can't help but think they would make a great couple since they're both so good-looking. As Sunako and Kyohei head to class, she accidentally gets a glance of herself in a mirror, something she hasn't done in two years, and she feels worse than ever.

Back at the boarding house, Sunako is taking dinner in her room while the others eat in the dining room. Takenaga lets her know they're done eating and she offers to clean up. As she's eating, Sunako starts feeling sick and wonders if she's caught a cold. After cleaning up, she decides to take a bath. She's so lost in her own thoughts that she forgets what Takenaga told her that morning and doesn't notice her bathroom is already in use until the steam clears and she sees Kyohei's naked form. In her shock, she drops the bundle of rubber ducks in her arms, revealing her own nakedness to her shocked housemate. Their screams are heard throughout the house.

Kyohei jumps out the window and runs naked around the perimeter of the boarding house, bursting through the front door and surprising the other boys. The boys realize Sunako must not have heard them when they said they would be temporarily sharing a bathroom with her.

Meanwhile, Sunako is in her room, worrying over what just transpired. She's ashamed that Kyohei, of all people, saw her naked body, and she can't help the self-deprecating thoughts running rampant in her mind. Remembering how he looked, Sunako gets a nosebleed, and swears to retreat back into the darkness no matter what.

Unfortunately, Sunako doesn't get her wish as she's forced to stay home and take care of Kyohei, who caught a cold the previous night. Kyohei proves to be incredibly needy when he's sick, and he nearly drives Sunako to strangle him with his constant demands. That is, until he apologizes for the previous night and reassures her that he couldn't see anything because of all the steam, which embarrasses Sunako and makes her flee the room.

When Noi appears at the front door with a get-well gift for Kyohei, Sunako begs her to take her place and tend to Kyohei, although Noi outright refuses since he's not Takenaga. She keeps Sunako company, though, and listens as Sunako confides in her. Seeing as Sunako is so affected by Kyohei's presence, Noi thinks Sunako might like him, but she denies it. Instead, she starts blaming all her problems on Kyohei. Noi suggests Sunako become a "creature of the light" too so Kyohei won't affect her as much, but that's easier said than done.

Sunako tells the boys that Noi's visit "enlightened" her, and her opinion now is that people who are born beautiful have it easy. Ranmaru disagrees and tells Sunako that Noi wasn't always beautiful, and he shows her a supposed picture of Noi from middle school (but in reality, it's a completely different girl). Sunako is taken aback by the difference, convinced that Noi somehow "defied God's will." Her mutterings to herself leave the boys a bit worried.

Sunako is tending to Kyohei and putting a cold compress on his forehead when her thoughts turn dark. She can either do the impossible like Noi did or melt into nothingness. Unable to deal with Kyohei's beauty any longer, Sunako grabs a pair of scissors, looking as if she's going to kill her oblivious housemate, but the other boys stop her before she can do anything.


  • Noi to Sunako: "Well, why don't you just become a 'creature of the light' too? Stop being so dark... and let a little light into your life."
  • Sunako: "That's easy for you to say. You already are a creature of the light. Don't even try to put me in the same category as you."
  • Noi: "You're the one who's not even trying. Seriously! If you want to change the way you look, all you have to do is try. Why don't you stop living in darkness, and come into the light."

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