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Whose Child Is This? This Energetic Child! (この子、誰の子、元気な子, Kono Ko, Dare no Ko, Genki-na Ko) is the twenty-eighth chapter of The Wallflower manga and the second chapter of Volume 7.

Short Summary[]

A cute toddler named Rin shows up calling Ranmaru "Daddy," it seems that Ranmaru's days of swinging bachelorhood may be over! Ranmaru swears that Rin is not his kid, but they sure look an awful lot alike. Ranmaru does his darndest to avoid the little boy, but Sunako turns out to have a soft spot for the little squirt. It looks like Ranmaru just might have to accept his role as father - and Sunako seems like the perfect mom. Will motherhood finally turn Sunako into a true lady?

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