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Battlechicks Valentine (バトルチック・バレンタイン, Batoruchikku Barentain) is the twentieth chapter of The Wallflower manga and the second chapter of Volume 5.

Short Summary[]

The boys struggle to last the day they believe the most hellish days for them as they need superhuman energy to last. But Sunako, who is a chocolate lover, made a weird decision to have the courage to ask the boys to give her some.

Long Summary[]

Still tired from sleep, the boys and Sunako are greeted in the morning by the doorbell ringing. Yuki opens the door and is immediately crushed by a mountain of gifts in different shapes and sizes. The boys stare in horror, coming to the dreaded realization that it's Valentine's Day. Drinking energy drinks to give them the strength they need to get through the day, the boys psych themselves up for what is to come. Sunako, who loves chocolate, can't help but smell the sweet fragrance of chocolate coming from the gifts and makes the decision to ask the boys for some since she's normally excluded from the Valentine's Day festivities. Unaware of the boys' predicament, Sunako attempts to go out the front door but is forcibly pulled back by Kyohei, who tells her not to go that way.

The group escapes the house from another exit and hastily make their way to the school. They all stop for a break, breathing rapidly, and now have to figure out a way to infiltrate the school. However, they are spotted and are accosted by different groups of their fans. Kyohei has to rescue Yuki from a group of girls who have managed to tie him up and are trying to carry him away. He also has to rescue Takenaga who has been tackled to the ground by a group of ladies. Ranmaru is possibly in the worst state, having been drugged and is being carried off by security guards to a car where a rich woman is waiting. Kyohei manages to fight the security guards off and drags Ranmaru to safety. When Kyohei looks for Sunako, he finds her half-buried beneath a pile of chocolates. Heart thumping, Sunako cautiously asks Kyohei if she can have one of the chocolates in the box, but Kyohei is more concerned with escaping and tells her they'll talk about it later.

They all finally make it to the school entrance, but mayhem awaits them at the front. Teachers are trying to subdue students by taking away their gifts and the students refuse to give up. Seeing this as their chance to slip by unnoticed, Kyohei and the others try to sneak past the commotion, but the girls spot them and start calling out their names. While the boys are overrun by the crowd, a box of chocolates drops in front of Sunako. She reaches out a shaky hand to grab it, excited to finally get a taste of her favorite sweet, but the girl whose gift it was snatches it away from her, snapping at her not to touch it because she's going to give it to one of the boys on her own. Some of the girls aren't as bold and toss their gifts to Sunako with a hasty thanks, expecting her to give their chocolates to the boys for them instead. Surrounded by chocolate, Sunako is depressed that she can't eat a single one because they're not meant for her.


Character Apperances[]