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I'm Not Scared of Any Love Rival! (ライバルなんか怖くない, Raibaru nanka Kowakunai) is the nineteenth chapter of The Wallflower manga and the first chapter of Volume 5.

Short Summary[]

The Goth-Loli Sisters appear as the four boys started appearing in Sunako's class with various reasons. The Goth-Loli Sisters then pleaded for Sunako 'not to steal them away'. But Sunako tilted her head and was forced to bring gifts by various fan girls. They then thought that Sunako paid attention to the fan girls and not them, so they attempted to make her suffer a little. But things turned worse for them since the boys helped Sunako instead. So they decided to make her fall from their trap as Noi came to the rescue. Then the Goth-Loli sisters called her 'rotten' as they raised a blade at her. Sunako then frightened their wits until the boys came to stop her and noticed them as they ran.

Long Summary[]

The boys have become dependent on Sunako for the littlest things, although this doesn't seem to bother her in the least. The other girls in her class, who initially thought she looked scary and didn't like her, are grateful to her now because they get to see the boys more often whenever they come talk to her. The Goth-Loli Sisters, however, don't share the same feelings as the other girls and selfishly want to keep each one of the boys to themselves.

When they confront Sunako, they confess their feelings for the boys to her. They plead with Sunako not to steal them away, leaving a very confused Sunako who can't even conjure up a response to their confessions. Before she can give an answer, the Goth-Loli Sisters are pushed aside by other girls who rush past them to bombard Sunako with presents to give to the boys. After being trampled by the others, the Goth-Loli Sisters look accusingly at Sunako, feeling as if she purposely ignored them in favor of the other girls.

Passing down the halls of the school, Sunako can't help but wish that people would leave her alone. It seems her growing relationship with the boys has made her more popular at school, and everyone knows her name now. At the top of a stairwell, the Goth-Loli Sisters seize their chance and use this opportunity to push her down the stairs. To everyone's horror, Sunako falls, but she manages to catch herself at the last moment, tumbling safely at the foot of the stairs. The students nearby clap, amazed that she was able to save herself from falling. Yuki, who saw the commotion, asks her if she's all right and pats down her skirt, which had gotten dirty in the tumble. The other girls nearby, watching the exchange, pretend to fall on the floor as well in an attempt to get Yuki to notice them while Sunako simply walks away unaware. Rikei, the Goth-Loli Sister who is in love with Yuki, could only cry as she watched the scene unfold. Her sisters urge her to go over to Yuki like the rest of the other girls, but Rikei refuses, not wanting to act like them. Her sisters agree, calling themselves roses that can only stand around silently, waiting for their crushes to notice them.

Later on, Sunako heads to her locker to switch out her shoes at the end of the day. However, upon opening her locker, she finds her shoes have disappeared. The Goth-Loli Sisters watch Sunako secretly from afar. Mei, the sister who stole Sunako's shoes, feels guilty about it, but her sisters remind her that she's a good person and only did it because she's in love with Takenaga. Someone calls Sunako's name out, and it turns out to be none other than Sunako's housemate Takenaga. He comes over and asks her what's wrong. Although Sunako says it's nothing, he realizes someone has stolen her shoes and readily offers her his extra pair to use. Seeing the exchange, the other girls exclaim to Takenaga that they've all lost their shoes too, throwing them in the rubbish bin nearby, but he explains to them that he only has one extra pair. Sunako struggles to walk in Takenaga's shoes because they're too big, meanwhile he can't help but laugh at how loud and clunky they sound. He reassures her they look good on her with a smile as they leave the school. Mei, who was still watching secretly with the rest of her sisters, is crying now, asking how Takenaga could smile like that. Her sisters try to cheer her up by saying he's just a really kind person and it was a coincidence that he came along and lent Sunako his shoes.

While out shopping for food, Sunako reaches up to try and get a can from a display. The Goth-Loli Sisters see this as another chance to get at Sunako, and they push the display of cans so that it falls on her. A store clerk rushes over, asking if Sunako is all right, who is buried beneath the pile of canned food. Ranmaru, who was walking down the other aisle, comes to her aid and asks if she got hurt. After helping her up, he helps her gather the cans that had fallen, to which Sunako thanks him. He notices some women helping out, not realizing it's because of him, and thanks them with a dazzling smile. After an episode of swooning over Ranmaru, they rush to pack up food for them. He and Sunako leave the store, their arms laden with bags of groceries. Ranmaru smiles at her and secretly asks Sunako to make fish curry for dinner that night. Maka, the Goth-Loli Sister who's in love with Ranmaru, cries as she watches the pair from afar, wishing Ranmaru wouldn't waste his smiles on anyone but her. Her sisters try to calm her down by saying she'll get his smiles all to herself one day.

Marina, the last sister, can't bear to see Kyohei helping Sunako. Rather than bully Sunako, she tells her sisters she'd be happy if Kyohei just eats the bento she made. The rest of the sisters all agree to make bento for the boys that they love as well. They decide to switch the bento that Sunako normally makes the boys with their own the following morning.

Unfortunately, the new bento doesn't agree with the boys' stomachs, as they come to Sunako's class during lunch period. Kyohei is the first to appear, sweating and leaning heavily on the doorframe. He asks Sunako why the bento that day is so disgusting, and the other boys come by, asking Sunako what she put in it and apologizing that they can't continue eating it. The rest of the girls in Sunako's class immediately offer their own lunches, and the Goth-Loli Sisters who were the culprits behind the disgusting bento sweat in their seats. Kyohei, thinking something must be wrong with Sunako for her cooking to become so horrible, takes off her hat and feels for her temperature by pressing his palm against her forehead. Sunako frantically asks for him to return her hat while Kyohei remains oblivious to the effect he has on the rest of the girls who are exclaiming that they feel feverish and need him to take their temperatures too. Meanwhile, Marina, the Goth-Loli Sister in love with Kyohei, is about to faint after watching him touch Sunako, even if it was just to check her temperature, and her sisters try to calm her down. Marina can't ignore how she's feeling at that moment, like she's about to die, and her sisters agree, saying that they can't give up.

Back at the mansion, Noi has come over to stay for dinner. She rants that some girl is chasing Takenaga and she has a sneaking suspicion it's one of the girls that has been bullying Sunako. Kyohei doesn't see the point in anyone bullying Sunako and the rest of the group pity him, saying that he'll never get a girlfriend if he can't understand girls. While they're eating, Noi suggests Sunako just beat the girl up that's bullying her. One of the boys says that won't work because, knowing Sunako's strength, the other girl will likely die. Noi doesn't seem to care, though, and says that the girl deserves it for bullying in the first place. Alone in her dark, secluded room, Sunako wonders to herself why anyone would want to live with radiant beings when the darkness is so much nicer.

As Sunako walks to school the next morning, she finds a trail of weird objects on the road. She starts collecting them, wondering if she should turn them into the police or keep them for herself. She likes them so much her heart is pounding as she carries them, unaware of the trap laid out for her until she falls into a large hole that was dug deep into the ground. The Goth-Loli Sisters appear, looking down at Sunako in the trap. They apologize to her for tricking her, but they really don't know how to confess their feelings to the boys that they like. Sunako tries to hoist herself up from the hole, but she's pushed down again by one of the girls, and they apologize over and over again. Suddenly, a voice cuts through their apologies and Noi appears. Apparently she had been following Sunako because she had a hunch her bullies might try to do something to her again. Noi is angry at the girls that they're doing such things to Sunako. She tries to help her friend out of the hole, but Maka pushes Noi and her hold on Sunako slips, causing her friend to fall down again.

The Goth-Loli Sisters say that Noi wouldn't understand because she's so pretty, and they don't like that Noi has portrayed them as the bad guys in the situation. Maka tells her that Takenaga has lost his patience with her but is just to nice to say so. She pushes Noi, making her fall and scrape her knee. Noi, fed up with the girls' antics, tells them to stop lurking in the dark, confess their feelings to the ones they like and to stop bullying Sunako. Her words don't have the effect she hopes for, however. The Goth-Loli Sisters talk among themselves, saying how Noi's words were so cruel and that cute girls like her really have rotten personalities. Just then, Maka produces a razorblade, threatening Noi. Sunako, who had been trying to climb out of the hole the entire time, finally gains footing and manages to pull herself up just enough to see the Goth-Loli Sisters holding Noi while Maka comes closer with the blade. Noi starts struggling and the other girls fight to keep her still while Maka jokes that she might hurt Noi's pretty face if she continues moving.

They all stop when they notice a dark, ominous aura above their heads. When they spot Sunako glaring at them from the hole in the ground, they're startled. While they're shaking with fear, Sunako rises up from the trap and calls them "pitiful humans," saying that the dark world is suited for them. As she reaches out to them, they scream in fear. Before she can get a hand on them, Ranmaru and Kyohei appear, holding Sunako back. Ranmaru mentions to the girls that they're lucky to be alive, and the Goth-Loli Sisters scream, this time in elation, because Ranmaru actually talked to them.

Sunako is still acting like she wants to kill something, and the boys struggle to hold her down. When she catches sight of Kyohei's face, she stops and immediately gets a violent nosebleed, to which the boys are relieved, knowing that she's finally back to her old self. Takenaga rushes over to Noi, asking if she's hurt. With tears in her eyes Noi asks him if he finds her annoying. He sighs, handing her a tissue to wipe her tears, not believing that Noi would listen to the words of those girls. Kyohei complains that girls are too complicated while Yuki adds that girls always wait for boys to notice them. Kyohei thinks it's ridiculous, wondering how they expect a guy to date someone he's never even spoken to.

Meanwhile, the Goth-Loli Sisters' feelings for the boys are renewed and they now think they actually have a chance because one of the boys spoke to them. They wonder among themselves when the boys will confess their feelings.


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