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Matchmaking Trouble! (Part 2) (お見合いパニック![後編], Omiai Panikku! [Kōhen]) is the seventeenth chapter of The Wallflower manga and the third chapter of Volume 4.

Short Summary[]

Takenaga tells Sunako that she has to pretend to date Kyohei and she is as shocked as Kyohei was. Sunako wakes up in her room, that looks very girly now since Takenaga, Yuki and Ranmaru redesigned it. Sunako is so upset that she destroys the room with a knife. Kyohei hypnotizes Sunako with a coin on a string. They show up together at the matchmaking party, claiming that they like each other and start fighting. Auntie says it reminds her of her deceased husband and leaves satisfied.

Long Summary[]


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