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Matchmaking Trouble! (Part 1) (お見合いパニック![前編], Omiai Panikku! [Zenpen]) is the sixteenth chapter of The Wallflower manga and the second chapter of Volume 4.

Short Summary[]

Auntie has scheduled a matchmaking session for Sunako, but she does not want to be a part of it. The guys try to train Sunako to be a lady for the matchmaking session. Takenaga and Yuki’s plans seem to fail and Ranmaru thinks he can succeed. He takes Sunako to a restaurant, where some girls start fighting over him and Kyohei must continue the date with Sunako. Instead of going to a romantic movie Kyohei takes Sunako to a game centre. Ranmaru, Yuki and Takenaga are mad at Kyohei and decide that the only way to fool the landlady is by letting Kyohei act like he is dating Sunako.

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