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The Summer's Too Hot! (猛暑に死す!, Mōsho ni Shisu!) is the fifteenth chapter of The Wallflower manga and the first chapter of Volume 4.

Short Summary[]

It is a hot summer day and the air conditioning is not working. The guys go to Sunako’s room hoping that it will be cool there. They find Sunako in a mini pool with cold water and ice cubes. The guys get angry and this is the first time that Sunako has been scared in her whole life. Sunako starts doing household chores. Auntie calls and tells the guys that there is a pool in the backyard, but it is very dirty. Sunako faints because of the heat and the guys remember that she is from Hokkaido (a place that has a cold climate). The guys clean up the pool so that they all can cool off and auntie drops of an ice block.

Long Summary[]


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