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I am No. 1! (アイ アム ナンバーワン!, Ai Amu Nanbā Wan!) is the fourteenth chapter of The Wallflower manga and the fifth and final chapter of Volume 3.

Short Summary[]

A gang boss shows up at school to challenge Kyohei. He sees Sunako and falls in love with her and wants Kyohei to fight him for her. Kyohei laughs when the boss calls Sunako a girl. Some of the gang members follow Kyohei home and find out he lives with Sunako. They accidentally take one of Sunako’s dolls with them. Sunako panics and goes after the gang, she beats some people up but when they threaten her doll she surrenders. Ranmaru, Yuki, Takenaga and Noi also get taking hostage by the gangsters, Kyohei shows up to save them. He and Sunako defeat the gangsters together.

Long Summary[]


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