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A Banquet for the Beautiful (美しきものたちの宴, Utsukushiki Mono-tachi no Utage) is the thirteenth chapter of The Wallflower manga and the fourth chapter of Volume 3.

Short Summary[]

Sunako got noticed on the news by a famous photographer and he wants her to be his model. Auntie will triple the rent of the guys if Sunako doesn’t do a good job. The guys trick her into believing she is going to a spooky mansion. Sunako is of no use to the photographer and decides that Yuki must play the female role. The photographer talks with Yuki and calls Sunako ugly, Yuki gets mad and decides not to play the role. Meanwhile Kyohei falls, causing many scratches on his body and blood all over him. Sunako, Ranmaru, Yuki and Takenaga run off while carrying Kyohei. The photographer takes a picture of their escape and rewards them for giving him a masterpiece. Auntie shows up and takes the money for covering the rent.

Long Summary[]


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