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Bishounen's Tragedy (美少年の悲劇) is the 126th chapter of The Wallflower manga series.

Chapter Summary[]

Yuki-chan visits the four boys at the mansion, then Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki mentioned that Sunako and Kyohei loves each other even though they don't show it openly, and even though they're so stubborn at each other. Yuki-chan then accidently wished that Kyohei should be frozen like an ice because he seems to not show love for Sunako, even though they love each other. Kyohei then started freezing like an ice and later then he will turn into a freezing ice. Yuki-chan then saw this, and said from the stories of her ancestors, the only way to fix Kyohei's state is to "make a baby" with the woman he loves, who is Sunako. Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki are then trying to make Sunako and Kyohei sleep together to make a "baby" so that Sunako might be turned into an instant lady and Kyohei will go back to his normal self. In the process, Kyohei thinks it's "impossible" and tries to do practice it with his fangirls, but then all the fangirls wanted to do it with him and ripped his shirt out. While Sunako is oppose to the idea. Kyohei then thinks that if he tried to do it with his fangirls, he can do it to Sunako. He then tries to do it with Sunako, but as he keeps trying he can't because Sunako is precious to him, a very precious friend. Sunako heard this, and refers the moments he had with Kyohei in last manga volumes, and said that it's only natural that they can't do it because they're friends, but later on, Sunako said it's nothing if she "sacrifice" herself for a special friend, they tried to do it, but suddenly Kyohei already became to his normal state, much to disappointed to Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki that the two are hopeless and their love is an "another form" of love.


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