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Sunako's Curse is the 100th chapter in The Wallflower Manga series.

Chapter Summary Edit

In the previous chapter, Kyohei and Sunako went to a engagement party with Auntie. Two annoying people surrounded them. To calm things down, Kyohei had to kiss Sunako and Sunako thinks Kyohei was harassing her. So, Sunako cursed Kyohei with voodoo dolls so that Kyohei would be 'surrounded by the dark light'. Kyohei ignored and told her that there is no such thing as a curse. While going to school, Kyohei met a lot of misfortunes, causing him to worn out. At school, he calmly declined to a girl who offered him a lunch box and walked away, much to his fan girls' surprise. Later on, he was surrounded with spirits, more like his fan girls' doppelgangers. As Ranmaru, Yuki and Takenaga had enough of Kyohei's suffering, they asked Sunako to undo the curse.Sunako preceeded with a weird ritual as the three boys dashed to Kyohei, realizing the pain Kyohei was suffering worsened, having a lot more spirits added that was clinging to Kyohei. As they watched Kyohei sleep, they also saw how the spirits touch Kyohei as one spirit sat on Kyohei. Ranmaru then tried to wake him up, resulting him to be hurt then Kyohei unconsciously hugged him and even kissed him due to his 'pornographic dream, causing Ranmaru to get depressed a lot. Yuki then thought that if Sunako showed the spirits her 'love', meaning by kissing him in front of them, they might back away, but Sunako glared. They then decided to take him to an exorcism in the temple. As more fan girls tried to get closer to Kyohei, it's up to Sunako to take him to the temple. But since the spirits are pulling him and he was too weak, he fell from the stairs. Sunako then started to regret what she had done and prevented the spirits to go any closer to Kyohei. As she struggled to do so, she decided to kiss Kyohei in their sight, much to their disapproval. Kyohei gained his consciousness and hugged Sunako, making the spirits believe about their 'love' and disappeared.

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