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Hotspring Trip: Snow, Flowers and a Murder (Part 2) (温泉は、湯けむり血しぶき恋しぐれ[後編], Onsen wa, Yukemuri Chi Shibuki Koi Shigure [Kōhen]) is the tenth chapter of The Wallflower manga and the first chapter of Volume 3.

Short Summary[]

Sunako finds a guy with a bloody shirt, the chef, and he grabs her because she saw him. She easily realizes herself from his grip and throws him away. The police take notice of his bloody shirt and arrest him. Ranmaru’s girlfriend, the wife of the boss, looks mad at Sunako and Kyohei warns Sunako to look out for her. The woman lures Sunako to a old shack, calls her ugly and puts it on fire. Sunako is so upset of being called ugly that she doesn’t try to escape and Kyohei rescues her. It turns out that the woman hired the chef to kill her husband and blame it on Ranmaru.

Long Summary[]


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