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A Light in the Darkness (暗闇に差しこむ光, Kurayami ni Sashikomu Hikari) is the first chapter of The Wallflower manga and the first chapter of Volume 1.


Four handsome male students—Kyohei, Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki—rent a mansion from the wealthy Mine. She proposes a deal with them: if the boys can turn her niece, Sunako, into a young lady, they won’t have to pay rent for three years. However, their rent will be tripled should they fail.


Kyohei, Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki receive a letter from Mine saying that she'll hand over her niece to them and they should turn her into a lady for free rent at her mansion, the letter says that her niece was called ugly by her first love. They are all excited to meet her, then they saw a girl on the bush, thinking it was a ghost.

They then saw her whole appearance, and asks her if she was Sunako. Sunako then stared at them and thought that her housemates are "bright" creatures. They then toured Sunako around the mansion. Kyohei asked Sunako why her bangs are so long, so he suggested to cut them off which Sunako completely rejected to do. The four boys went to Jonoon's, a restaurant and discussed about Sunako. Back at the house, Sunako is at her room wondering if she should cook, Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki then went to her room and offered her food they bought. Kyohei then entered her room, without his shirt off, but Sunako screamed because he is a "radiant creature". Takenaga, Yuki and Ranmaru then came to Sunako's room to check if everything's okay, they then found Kyohei without his shirt, thinking that he had taken advantage of Sunako. The four boys then looked around the room and noticed how Sunako's room all has scary/horror stuff.

Sunako then leaves from her window and went to a park, a couple of boys saw her and thought she was a ghost, so they started chasing after her. Sunako ran until she trips, but luckily Kyohei was there and helped her. They went back to the mansion, Kyohei try to cooks dinner but he fails. Sunako then went to the kitchen and picks up the knife and said "Sit down" then she started cooking. When she finished eating, her food is actually really delicous and the four boys really liked it. After eating, they wanted to see her face, Kyohei got a rubberband and putted in on her bangs, but when he putted it, a flour fell down on Sunako's face, shocking the boys because with the flour Sunako actually looks really beautiful.

But when she took off the flour, the boys actually saw her real face and saw she has pimples, wrinkles and etc. The phone then ringed, and it's a call from Mine, she asked if Sunako was a lady, Ranmaru picked up the phone and replied that Sunako is already a lady within just one day. At the end, Kyohei, Takenaga,Ranmaru and Yuki are more determined to make Sunako into a real lady.


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