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A Ray of Light in the Darkness (暗闇に差しこむ光, Kurayami ni Sashikomu Hikari) is the first chapter of The Wallflower manga and Volume 1.


Four handsome male students—Kyohei, Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki—rent a mansion from the wealthy Mine who proposes a deal: if the boys can turn her niece, Sunako, into a young lady, they won't have to pay rent for three years.


Kyohei, Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki receive a letter from Mine which states that if they can turn her niece into a lady, they can live rent-free in the boarding house for three years. When they finally meet Sunako, they realize they have their work cut out for them. For Sunako's part, she is taken aback by how bright her housemates are and is convinced she'll melt if she stays too long in their presence.

After a less-than-ideal first meeting with their new roommate, the boys are pondering what to do about Sunako. Although Takenaga says she doesn't seem so bad, the others aren't as easily convinced. Still, they end up bringing her back some take-out as a sort of peace offering, but they quickly leave the food by her door and retreat from her scary appearance. Later, a Kyohei emerges half-dressed and fresh from a shower into Sunako's room in an attempt to be nice (though he was more likely driven by his empty stomach), causing Sunako to scream. The other boys race to Sunako's room to see if she's okay and find her cowering from Kyohei. Sunako brushes off Takenaga's concern and rudely orders them all to leave. Alone once more, Sunako decides to leave the boarding house and find someplace that suits her better. In the sitting room with the other boys, Kyohei glances to the window to see Sunako running away.

Despite trying multiple places, Sunako finds she doesn't fit in anywhere. As she's beginning to lose faith in finding a place to hide away, somebody bonks her on the head. She looks up to find Kyohei standing above her, out of breath. He scolds her for running away just because of something stupid he said, and he pulls her to her feet and leads her back to the boarding house.

As the boys attempt to cook for themselves, Sunako peeks into the kitchen and overhears them complaining about how poorly she treated them and feels bad, especially since they brought her food earlier and were considerate of her feelings. The boys scream when Sunako appears in the room and shudder when she picks up a knife. They're almost too afraid of the scene before them to realize that Sunako is cooking until the sounds of food being made and a delicious aroma wafts over to where they're all hiding.

During dinner, Sunako apologizes for her poor behavior. Ranmaru is intrigued and thinks Sunako might not be a hopeless case after all, which ends up with Kyohei wanting to get a better look at her face. During the struggle, Sunako accidentally knocks over a bag of flour just as Kyohei manages to tie her bangs back. The boys are momentarily stunned by what they see, but Sunako quickly hides her face away, ashamed that they saw her face. Kyohei can't believe all the fuss she made when she just looks like a normal girl. However, when Sunako rubs the flour away and her real face is revealed, the other boys find her scary again (although Kyohei is a bit underwhelmed thinking she'd be a lot uglier), and Sunako breaks out in a nosebleed.

Later, Sunako's appearance has become worse than ever before and startles the boys when they offer her some tea, but she still goes out to the sitting room. Ranmaru answers a call from Sunako's aunt and lies that Sunako is well on her way to becoming a lady. Although in reality Sunako's taken several steps back in becoming more ladylike, the boys are ever more determined to help her and live rent-free.


  • Takenaga to Kyohei: "Hey, didn't your report card from elementary school say 'Doesn't play well with others?'"
  • Kyohei: "Shut up, Takenaga. At least I don't have two last names."
  • Ranmaru: "I thought 15-year-old girls... were into fashion..."
  • Sunako to herself: "I'd rather live without even trying to be feminine."
  • Yuki about Sunako: "I can't handle horror movies. She's like a horror movie come to life."
  • Kyohei to Sunako: "I'm trying to be nice to you so I can get free rent. Otherwise, why would anyone even talk to you? Why would anyone even want to go into your creepy room?"

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