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A Ray of Light in the Darkness (暗闇に射し込む光, Kurayami ni Sashikomu Hikari) is the first episode of The Wallflower anime.


Official synopsis:[1][2]

"Four young guys strike a fabulous bargain with their wealthy landlady. If they can turn her wallflower niece into a dazzling beauty, they get to live in a mansion for free! If not, their rent will be tripled!"


Auntie makes a deal with the four tenants staying at her lavish mansion: if they can transform her niece, Sunako into a lady, their rent will be free. But if they fail, their rent will triple. At the promise of free rent, Kyohei, Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki agree to her terms.

Outside, the boys are busy talking about their plans for the landlady's niece. Ranmaru asks Yuki to help him pick flowers to give to Sunako upon her arrival. Hearing a rustling in the bushes, Yuki assumes it's a cat, but goes stock still when he sees what's hidden behind the leaves. The unidentified animal tries to escape, but Kyohei's yell startles it and forces it out of hiding. Initially thinking that the figure before them is ghost, they realize that it is, in fact, human and none other than Auntie's precious niece, Sunako. The boys are taken aback by her unkempt appearance: her long and messy hair that hides most of her face, the cheap and stained clothes she wears, and the well-worn shoes on her feet.

The boys lead Sunako to her new room, where Yuki has already moved Sunako's things. As the four boys follow behind, their path seems to darken behind Sunako, visibly making them uncomfortable. Kyohei rudely asks Sunako if her fringe isn't bothering her since they're in her face and tells her to cut them off. At the mention of her appearance, the lights in the hallway go out and Sunako tells him to shut up, saying it's none of his business. She slams the door to her room behind her, leaving an irritated Kyohei behind and the other boys freaked out about the girl's spooky aura.

The boys decide to regroup at a café to give themselves some time to think of what to do with Sunako, all the while the girls at the café are busy swooning at them. If she had been a normal girl at least, Ranmaru thinks it wouldn't have been so bad. Yuki still thinks they should try since their rent is on the line.

Back at the mansion, Sunako asks Hiroshi why she has to live in such a place, but her old friend has nothing to say. She's startled when she hears a knock on the door and Takenaga calling her name. The door opens, revealing Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki standing in the doorway and asking her to eat with them since they brought some food from the café home to her. Instead of taking them up on their offer, without saying anything she takes the proffered food from them and shuts the door in their faces, leaving the boys shaken from the experience. Inside her dark and creepy room, Sunako is left hyperventilating from her interaction with the three boys.

While Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki are in the living room, Kyohei is taking a shower, growing more agitated by the minute. Not bothering to dress himself all the way, he stomps down the hallway to Sunako's room without a shirt and throws open the door. Sunako can't even speak when she catches a glimpse of how beautiful Kyohei is and she lets out a terrified scream. The other three boys rush to Sunako's room after hearing her scream, but her reaction pisses Kyohei off even more. In his anger, he reveals to Sunako that the only reason why he's being nice to her is because of their rent.

Taking in the situation and her reaction, Takenaga kindly asks Sunako if she's actually afraid of men and that's why she has such a strong reaction to them. Yuki promises her that they'll be more careful from now on. But Sunako tells them that's not the reason and rudely yells at them to get out of her room, which does nothing except piss off the rest of the boys who were trying to help. They tell her if she hates them that much, then they'll leave her alone and she can do whatever she wants. Left alone in her room, Sunako covers her face to keep her nosebleed at bay. She never imagined someone as beautiful as Kyohei could exist, and she has no idea how she's supposed to survive while living under the same roof as the four "Creatures of the Light."

In the end, she decides to run away from the mansion. She manages to make it to an empty park, but she has little money and can't afford a place to stay. She'd tried finding a place in town, but kept getting bothered by others or chased away. As she's figuring out what to do, two men interrupt her thoughts and ask if she wants to hang out with them. When she turns around, they're terrified and think that she's a monster or a ghost.

Passersby hear their screams and a crowd gathers to see the ghost, but Sunako runs away. As she's trying to escape, she falls and the crowd surrounds Sunako, laughing and mocking her. Nobody bothers helping her up from the ground, and it makes her wish that she could just melt into the darkness. However, a knock on her head interrupts her and she looks up to see Kyohei out of breath as if he'd been trying to find her. He scolds her for running away just because he said some things to her and helps her up. As he leads her back home, he asks her not to say anything to the other three boys about him coming to get her.

Back at the mansion, Sunako peeks into the kitchen and finds Kyohei and the others having a tough time trying to cook dinner. They don't think Sunako would help them out either way and they can't even communicate with her when she shuts herself in her room all the time, so the boys have decided to deal with the rent and food on their own from now on. As Sunako watches from a distance, she remembers the boys have been considerate to her in their own ways.

The boys are startled when she comes into the room, and it certainly doesn't help when Sunako grabs a butcher's knife. While they're wondering which one of them will be the first to die by Sunako's hand, they don't realize that she's cooking until the tantalizing smell of food wafts over to them.

With dinner finished, Sunako lays out the meal on the table for them to eat. The boys can't believe how delicious Sunako's cooking is, so delicious that they think they're dreaming. While they're eating, Sunako apologizes for how she acted earlier and goes to take her leave. Ranmaru stops and says that she's a good cook and has a nice figure, so he thinks she has potential. He asks to see her face, but Sunako can't handle anyone seeing her face, especially when she hasn't even seen it in the last two years.

Before Sunako can escape, Kyohei grabs her hand and the two partake in an amusing cat-and-mouse game until they accidentally knock a package of flour over, the mixture covering Sunako's face. Coughing, she looks up at the four boys who are momentarily stunned by her face. Breaking out of the trance when Sunako starts freaking out that they've finally seen how ugly she is, Kyohei scoffs and says her face is normal.

Now that her fringe is out of her face, Sunako sees how beautiful the four boys are and it renders her speechless. Meanwhile, with the flour wiped off, the boys see she has problematic skin and hasn't been taking care of herself at all. Sunako takes this as her chance to escape back to her room, and the boys try to take in what they've just seen. Kyohei is the first to say that it would've been boring if Sunako wasn't at least a little ugly and that what they saw was nothing compared to how bad it could have been. Yuki chimes in that Sunako's skin problems could be manageable, and Ranmaru tells them to leave it to him.

At the end of the episode, Ranmaru answers the phone and greets Auntie, their landlady. He lies and tells her that Sunako is well onto her way in becoming a lady, but when Sunako comes into the room, the four boys realize they still have their work cut out for them as she seems to now have detached herself from being human at all and covered herself from head to toe in an attempt to slink back into her beloved darkness.

Road to Womanhood[]

Takenaga, Ranmaru and Yuki explain how to take care of dry skin, starting with a toner and finishing with a moisturizing cream or lotion. Kyohei asks them if they actually do all of that, then is subsequently blinded by their bright skin with Sunako melting by the light.


  • Ranmaru about Sunako: "You know, she does look kind of human..."
  • Yuki: "[She] does, but the more I look..."
  • Kyohei: "The less human she looks!"
  • Kyohei to Sunako: "Why else would anyone in their right mind try to talk to you! Why else would anyone want to be in this [scary] room!"
  • Ranmaru: "I'm still in a state of shock over learning that there are girls in this world who aren't princesses."
  • Sunako to herself: "Why... why is there no place in this world for an ugly girl?"
  • Kyohei about Sunako: "But you know, it's no fun unless she's a little uglier than that. Man, was that all? That was nothing!"

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